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Painted Pillows

Painted Pillows

In August 2014, Willie, David, Phill and I spent almost a week exploring more of the Arizona desert. I think if I spent any more time there I might have to start paying taxes! The week was quite action filled: beautiful light, steep hikes, crazy rock formations, popped tires, squeaky styrofoam coolers, and lots and lots of exploration.

Willie and I drove hundreds of miles around Arizona on this trip and we were fortunate enough to have David show us around the Painted Hills. After making our own parking spot on the side of the road we explored this area, which we’ve now dubbed “Breezyland”, and fell immediately in love. It’s hard not to when you have amazing hill formations, striped colors, and an absolutely gorgeous sunset.

This was our second night exploring this area and I camped out here for a quite a while, hoping the clouds would be in the right spot at sunset. We couldn’t have asked for anything better — the beautiful color exploded out of this wave-like cloud just as it rolled over the hills. I just wanted to lie down and fall asleep here, trying to make the moment last forever.

Nikon D800 w/Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED AF-S:
38mm, f/13, 1/5 sec, ISO100

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